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Real time, location specific safety for frontline workers through augmented reality 

The Safety Compass won the 2016 Patron’s Prize for Australian Design at the Good Design Awards.

"The Safety Compass was recognised as having the potential to shape the future economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of our planet."


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Visibility through
augmented reality

Overlays information on your smartphone camera view, enhancing your field of vision


Warnings when and
where you need it most

With you at work whenever and wherever you are, with coverage for the entire team


Ease of use through
intuitive design

Simple, clear functionality with interactive hazard information suits any workplace size




1. Sign in and select your site

Supervisors can add a site or specific area on site within minutes.

Adding hazard information is easy, simply follow the prompts to identify issues quickly.

Workers can then sign in with secure login details and select from any number of relevant worksites.


2. Scan your current location for hazards using augmented reality

The Safety Compass uses intuitive augmented reality to
communicate hazard information to users in the field.

Using the phone’s GPS and accelerometers the app
superimposes real time information onto the camera view
that adapts and compensates for worker’s field of vision.


3. View hazards site-wide

By accessing the worker's physical location, the app presents
vital information on present dangers straight to the worker's
phone, avoiding the necessity of bulky safety manuals to
locate and manage risk.

A worker’s position is shown in relation to hazards, and
workers can zoom, tilt and pan across a detailed site map.


4. Access in-depth safety information

Workers receive critical site information well before they enter
a hazardous area, allowing them time to prepare for safe work
practices and overcoming the challenges of reading large
volumes of complicated text in dark, shifting, loud or crowded

Additional safety information including video content can be
added for more detail.

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