Around the globe a worker dies every fifteen seconds. 

In 2018 190 Australian workers in industries ranging from mining to health care got up in the morning, went to work, and did not return home to their families.

Safety Compass is a Work Health & Safety risk management tool designed to help workers assess, manage and avoid dangers in their workplace and help bring them home.

Safety Compass uses intuitive augmented reality to communicate hazard information to users in the field. By accessing the worker's physical location, the app presents vital information on present dangers straight to the worker's phone, avoiding the necessity of bulky safety manuals to locate and manage risk. Using the phone's inbuilt camera and GPS system, the app displays real and present dangers to the viewer that adapt and compensate for the viewer's field of vision.

User friendly information enhances existing risk assessment practices. The system is fast, efficient and caters for a range of viewer circumstances – overcoming the challenges of reading large volumes of complicated text in dark, shifting, loud or crowded environments. Information usually stored in expansive manuals in site offices follows the viewer wherever they go, slashing the time and effort necessary to assess dangers in the workplace.

While the app is particularly suited to high risk sites, employees can tailor Safety Compass to any workplace through a user friendly admin function. Updates to the admin function can also allow for real time risk communication to field users - a hazard tag can be added within minutes, making new risks live for workers to view.

Safety Compass represents a digital revolution in workplace safety – it brings life saving hazard information to frontline workers quickly and efficiently.

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